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Divorce and Collaborative Law

We Are Getting Divorced. Now What?
I'm Getting Divorced and I Want the House!
8 Reasons to Reconsider Moving Out of the Marital Home
Is Collaborative Law the Best Choice for My Divorce?
8 Reasons to Choose a Collaborative Law Divorce
What Happens if Collaborative Law Doesn’t Work for My Divorce?
Will I Lose Insurance During My Divorce?
How Will my Insurance Coverage Change Post Divorce?
What should I do about my Facebook/Twitter account now that I am involved in litigation?

Estate Planning

I don't have a big estate - do I need an Estate Plan?
What is an Estate Plan?
I’m young; why do I need a will?
Why Creating a Family Elder Plan Now is Important

Real Estate

What are your attorney fees?
Is there a difference in fees between a residential and commercial closing??
What is the difference between closing and settlement?
When will I receive the funds due to me from the real estate transaction?
When can I schedule my settlement and closing?
Can I bring a personal check for the funds?
My moving van is sitting in the driveway. Can I put my stuff in the garage?
I was single when I purchased my home. Now I am selling it, and I am married. Does my spouse have to sign anything?
Title Insurance
Do I need a lawyer to close my real estate transaction?
I am selling/buying a home. Can I have my own attorney?
Can I have my spouse sign for me?
Should I pay for a survey?
How should I take title to my property?
What are some factors to consider during my due diligence period?