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How is credit card debt divided during divorce?

Credit card debt will be divided as a part of the overall division of the marital property and debts.  Just as in the division of property, the court considers what is equitable, or fair, in your case. If your spouse has exclusively used a credit card for purposes that did not benefit the family, such […]

Can witnesses speak on my behalf at a custody hearing?

Absolutely.  Witnesses are critical in every custody case.  At a temporary hearing, a witness is more likely to provide testimony by affidavit, which is a written, sworn statement.    At a trial for the final determination of custody, you and the other parent will each have an opportunity to have witnesses give live testimony on your […]

What happens at divorce mediation?

A mediation is an informal legal proceeding that is facilitated by a mediator, a neutral third party.  The mediator’s sole goal is to help both sides of a dispute reach a mutually agreed upon settlement.  The mediator will not tell you what to do, will not act as a judge, and has no authority to […]

What is a temporary hearing for divorce or custody?

Temporary hearings are held to determine such matters as who remains in the house while your divorce is pending, temporary custody, and temporary support. The procedure for your hearing can vary depending upon the county in which your case was filed, the judge to which the case is assigned, and whether temporary custody is disputed. […]