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Estate Planning Attorney in Charlotte NC

Elder Law, Wills, and Trusts

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Conrad Trosch & Kemmy is committed to providing top-quality estate planning and estate administration services with care, understanding and respect for you and your loved ones. Whether your assets are large or small, our estate planning and probate attorneys can help you control who will manage your assets, who will inherit your property, and when. If you don’t create an estate plan for yourself, the State or North Carolina will determine what happens to your possessions.

We can advise whether you should have trusts, powers of attorney, living wills or health-care powers of attorney. You may want to use more complex techniques to avoid probate, minimize estate taxes, or protect your assets from nursing home expenses. Our estate planning attorneys will also help you express your health-care preferences with medical directives. In settling your estate or the estate of a loved one, our attorneys can assist the Executor with probate and estate administration.

One of our partners is the first member of the Mecklenburg County Bar to be board-certified by the North Carolina State Bar as an Elder Law Specialist.

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Probate and Estate Administration
Powers of Attorney
Living Wills
Health Care Powers of Attorney
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