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Civil Litigation in Charlotte: is it Better to Sue or Settle?

Our highly experienced lawyers in Charlotte have successfully litigated cases against insurance companies, restaurant chains and many other businesses, individuals and corporations. Learn more about our litigation attorneys by clicking on their individual profiles or call our office today at (704) 553-8221 to schedule an initial consultation.

While our trial lawyers are not afraid to take a case to trial, it is often in the best interests of all involved to negotiate a settlement. Our attorneys in Charlotte will apply their expertise and common sense to your individual situation. From the initial client interview, whether your issue is a business dispute, insurance coverage issue or personal injury, our lawyers prepare to litigate the matter as a well prepared case. We work with the country’s premier experts to assist with presentation of your case. At the same time we will be exploring opportunities to negotiate a settlement on your behalf.

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For more information about how our attorneys in Charlotte can help you with divorce, estate planning needs, civil litigation, personal injury in Charlotte, and much more please review the links above or simply contact us at 704.553.8221.