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We are a reputable firm that has handled thousands of real estate closings annually since 1970. Our attorney fees have always been competitive. More importantly, we will work just for you, rather than do what is in the best interest of others.

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Real Estate Lawyers in Charlotte Since 1971

Using Local Real Estate Attorneys

Working in today's real estate market is challenging. Conrad Trosch & Kemmy has been a leader for 40 years in serving the local real estate industry, and we are dedicated to continuing that role. Our attorneys are licensed and ready to assist with your needs including real estate title insurance, title searches, real estate closings and bankruptcy or foreclosure in the Carolinas.

How to Navigate Home Closings with an Experienced Lawyer

Our highly experienced team of attorneys, paralegals and title examiners will provide you with the most affordable and reliable service available for effective home closing or refinancing. We work closely with your real estate agent and mortgage lender. Our firm is approved to do business with all the major mortgage lenders and real estate title insurance companies in North Carolina.

When you re-finance or get a loan for a home purchase, you need your own title and closing attorney to protect your best interests rather than having a firm selected by the lender or Real Estate agent, each of whom may have someone else's interest in mind.

You have the right to select your own closing attorney.

Settling Real Estate Disputes

Since its founding in 1970, attorneys at Conrad Trosch & Kemmy have practiced real estate law, and our senior founding partner is approved by the NC Real Estate Commission to teach other lawyers and realtors.

What if Your Bank Forecloses?

Should the need arise, our firm can handle your issues with property disputes, bankruptcies or foreclosures. While we have a strong reputation for negotiation and settlement, we are not afraid to go to court.

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