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What documents or items should I give my attorney to help prove a history of domestic violence by my spouse?

The following may be useful exhibits if your domestic violence case goes to court: Photographs of injuries; Photographs of damaged property; Abusive or threatening notes, letters, texts or e-mails; Abusive or threatening voice messages; Videos or audio of your spouse abusing or threatening you (speak with an attorney prior to secretly recording anyone without their […]

What is divorce?

A divorce is technically the dissolution of a marriage.  While an absolute divorce results in the dissolution of the legal marriage between the spouses, there are other claims that must be brought prior to the dissolution of marriage or they will be waived, preventing both spouses from ever being allowed to bring those claims.  These […]

Is “possession nine-tenths of the law” true during divorce?

Possession can be nine-tenths of the law, sometimes. Consulting with an attorney before the date of separation can reduce the risk that assets will be hidden, transferred, or destroyed by your spouse. This is especially important if your spouse has a history of destroying property, incurring substantial debt, or transferring money without your knowledge. The […]

What types of custody are awarded in North Carolina?

Under North Carolina law, there are two aspects to a custody determination: “legal custody” and “physical custody.”  Legal custody refers to the power to make important long lasting decisions regarding your children. Legal custody may be awarded to you, to your spouse, or to both of you jointly.  If you have sole legal custody, you […]