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Should my spouse and I use the same attorney during divorce?

No.  Even the most amicable of divorcing couples usually have differing interests.  For this reason, it is never recommended that an attorney represent both parties to a divorce.   An attorney in North Carolina is ethically prohibited from representing two people with conflicting interests who are in dispute. Sometimes couples have reached agreements without understanding all […]

Tips for deposition

The following suggestions will help you to give a successful deposition: Prepare for your deposition by reviewing and providing necessary documents and talking with your lawyer. Get a good night’s sleep the night before. Eat a meal with protein to sustain your energy, as the length of depositions can vary. Arrive early for your deposition […]

Do courts consider debts when dividing property?

Yes. The court will consider the marital debts when dividing the property during Equitable Distribution. For example, if awarded a car valued at $12,000.00, but you owe a $10,000.00 debt on the same vehicle, the court will take that debt into consideration in the overall division of the assets. Similarly, if one spouse agrees to […]

When does child support start in North Carolina?

Your spouse may begin paying you child support voluntarily at any time.   A temporary order for support will give you the right to collect the support if your spouse stops paying.  Talk to your lawyer about court hearings for temporary support in your county.   You may have to wait for several weeks to several months […]

What is the difference between a protective order and a restraining order?

Restraining orders are court orders directing a person not to engage in certain behavior.  A protective order is usually a short way of saying a Domestic Violence Protective Order (“DVPO”), a specific type of restraining order that is intended to protect victims of domestic violence.  In addition to targeting domestic violence through a DVPO, restraining […]