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Criminal Defense Lawyers in Charlotte

Finding an Attorney if You Need to go to Traffic Court

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Our Attorneys Can:

• Help you keep your license
• Usually reduce your insurance costs
• Often get your ticket dismissed

Our office strives to make the traffic court appearance as easy and efficient for our clients as possible. We move quickly to resolve any given situation in a successful, cost-effective manner.

Driving Citations
Most drivers are not familiar with the language and routines of traffic court proceedings, which puts civilians at a disadvantage when opposing an experienced police officer in court. Our experienced traffic lawyers can dramatically increase your chances of winning, and our fees are typically much less than the increase in insurance premiums drivers can face if tickets are not contested.

5 Things to Do If You Are Stopped for Speeding in North Carolina

Here are a few things you should do if stopped for speeding:
– Leave your seat belt on and your hands in plain sight.
– Never confess guilt.
– Be polite and courteous.
– Confirm the violation with the Officer.
– Verify ticket fines and course of action.

Misdemeanor and Misdemeanor Appeal
Some categories of misdemeanor crimes will be determined by trial in District Court. If found guilty of the charges, individuals may file an appeal which will then be heard in Superior Court. You should obtain expert counsel in such situations. Our team will assess your case’s merits honestly and with your best interests as our top priority.

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