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Finding a Trust and Estate Litigation Attorney

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While our attorneys in Charlotte are experienced in litigating disputes concerning wills, trusts and other estate issues, we first try to help resolve these complex issues though negotiation and other dispute resolution methods.

Will Contests
Avoiding estate litigation is almost always the right option, and this is best guaranteed when a good lawyer in Charlotte prepares the proper documents while clients are alive and competent. However, even the best-laid plans can be litigated. We have taken Trust and Estate cases to verdicts, which sets us apart in the local legal community, and which means we can effectively protect our clients’ interests no matter how cases proceed.

Trust Disputes
People are often most vulnerable when dealing with emotional, financial, and family issues that accompany trust disputes. Our attorneys in Charlotte provide calm, steady representation at such times, and our goal is to prevent disputes from the outset. We aim to resolve differences without litigation whenever possible.

Special Proceedings
Some types of matters are resolved before the Clerk of Superior Court as a Special Proceeding. These matters can include Estate Administration, Guardianship Proceedings, and Incompetency Hearings, among others. These matters are typically very procedural, and the details make all the difference. Our attorneys practice regularly before the Clerk of Superior Court and can guide you through the process with ease.

Dividing real property into separate portions, partitions are often complex. If all parties will not cooperate, emotions between family members or business partners will inevitably run high. We take into account our clients’ strong feelings while offering common-sense expertise in these cases.

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