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Since 1971, Conrad Trosch & Kemmy’s attorneys have incorporated more than 1,000 small businesses. We are prepared to assist large or small businesses with their legal issues including the possibility of filing bankruptcy in Charlotte. You can feel confident directing your questions to us about a limited liability company or partnership, a business dispute, or handling various contractual matters. We apply expertise with common sense to each of our cases.
Incorporations, LLCs, Partnerships
Simply filling out incorporation and partnership forms on the Internet may be tempting, but one size does not fit all, nor will it prepare clients for future developments. We offer preventative medicine that online forms cannot: preparation for issues such as disagreements, retirements, and expansion
Mergers and Acquisitions
Our team includes a corporate lawyer in Charlotte who has taught business law for 40 years. Clients can be confident that as their business grows, we will offer expertise and wisdom that best suits their unique business goals.
Shareholder Disputes
Clients can be open to vulnerabilities during disputes if their initial agreements are not sound. Our top priority is to prevent that situation by establishing a solid foundation for businesses at their inception. We also offer experienced counsel for businesses that find themselves in these disputes.
Stock Sales
Stock sales range from straightforward to highly complex. Issues such as non-compete clauses can incur a lifetime of implications, both positive and negative. Clients need an corporate attorney to evaluate their situation and protect their interests.
Asset Sales
As businesses grow, clients must make certain that asset sales work to their advantage. We help evaluate terms and methods of sale, and with our long experience in these matters, we can make recommendations clients may not have considered.

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