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Where Do I Start?

First Step:
If you are interested in having one of our attorneys represent you, the first step is for you to call our office to schedule an appointment for an initial meeting. You will be directed to an experienced staff member in the appropriate area of law who will answer any basic questions that you have and let you know which intake form to complete.

Our intake forms serve two purposes. First, they give the attorney that you will be meeting with a bit of background on your situation. Second, they gather your basic information (like addresses and phone numbers) so that our attorneys can spend more time focusing on your legal issues during the first meeting.

Second Step:
Once you have spoken with a staff member and know which intake form to complete, please download and complete the form as thoroughly as possible. However, if you do not understand something on the form, please do not stress about it! Leave the item blank, and an attorney will be happy to explain it at your first meeting.

New Client Questionnaires

Estate Planning Worksheet #1
Estate Planning Worksheet #2
Medicaid Worksheet #3
Medicaid Worksheet#4
Probate Worksheet #5
Buyer Information Sheet #6
Seller Information Sheet #7
Domestic Client Interview Form #8
Domestic Client Interview Form #9
Domestic Client Interview Form #10
Domestic Client Interview Form #11
Domestic Client Interview Form #12
Domestic Client Interview Form #13
Personal Injury Interview Form #14
Wrongful Death Interview Form #15
Medical Malpractice Interview Form #16
Legal Malpractice Interview Form #17
Disability Interview Form #18
Worker’s Compensation Interview Form #19
Civil Client Interview Form #20
Business Planning Interview Form #21



Third Step:
It is most helpful to our attorneys if you can return your intake form at least 24 hours before your meeting. You may do this by mail, email, or fax. For your convenience, this contact information is provided on the cover page of each intake form.

Please note that the completion of an intake form does not create an attorney-client relationship in and of itself. An attorney will discuss the specific facts of your case and potential solutions with you at your first meeting. After that time, you can decide whether you would like to move forward with hiring an attorney to represent you, and an engagement letter will be provided for your signature.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’re looking forward to meeting you!