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Family Law in Charlotte

Divorce and Custody Cases

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How do you get a divorce in Charlotte? Is North Carolina a community property state? How difficult is North Carolina child adoption? Is there a way to resolve a case without going to court? Can you recover your attorney’s fees from your spouse? Our family law attorneys in Charlotte bring decades of experience to your situation and one team member is certified as a family law specialist.

Our family law attorneys in Charlotte can help you navigate the marriage laws in North Carolina. Whether your issue is the drafting of a pre-marital agreement, domestic violence or name changes after divorce, our attorneys provide legal expertise with a common-sense approach. We recognize that each person’s situation is unique and requires a personalized strategy.

Alimony and Post Separation Support
The financial facts, not a client’s emotions, will dictate the amounts and kinds of support determined in these cases. Our team understands that courts want to balance the needs of one partner with what the other can afford, and we will not pursue unrealistic goals during the stress of a divorce. We will advocate vigorously on behalf of our clients within those realistic expectations.
Child Support
Informed decisions are crucial when child support is being considered. This knowledge allows clients to maintain control and move forward, even under difficult circumstances. Our top priority is to make sure our clients are fully informed of their rights, of the law, and of all available options.
Child Custody
Determining the best interests of a child can be challenging for all involved. Our decades of experience help us understand the stresses involved while offering knowledgeable counsel. Our ultimate goal is always a best result for children and for parents.
Equitable Distribution
Even the agreeable distribution of assets is complex. Clients often do not know the precise value of the property in question, and in many cases one party will have more knowledge than the other. We ascertain realistic values in order to ensure fair outcomes for our clients.
Separation and Divorce
By staying out of court, clients can control and dictate the terms of a settlement, thereby guaranteeing a reasonable result. Our goal is to avoid court whenever possible, and we pursue the Divorce with Dignity strategy, emphasizing conflict resolution to the benefit of all involved.
Separation Agreements
We believe that negotiation works best in separation agreements, and our goal is to keep clients out of court in such cases. Our expertise will ensure that you enter into any agreement fully informed of the law and of your rights.
Collaborative Law
We are committed to minimizing the emotional and financial impact of family legal disputes. Our attorneys offer steady, sound counsel during emotional cases such as divorce and child custody, and we pursue resolutions outside of court. We follow the Divorce with Dignity strategy, emphasizing conflict resolution rather than court appearances.
The most important issues in an adoption are making sure that all parties understand the agreement and determining that all procedural steps have been followed exactly. Make certain you have an attorney who will ensure that this happens. Our team has many years of experience in these matters.
Pre-Nuptial Agreements
These agreements aren’t for everyone, but meeting with an attorney to discuss your circumstances allows both parties to enter into marriage fully informed and with an understanding of how marriage laws work. In fact, the earlier you see an attorney, and the better informed you are, the more control you will have over outcomes in the future, pre-nuptial agreement or not.
Post-Nuptial Agreements
These agreements come after a marriage and do not involve planning for divorce. Instead, clients can plan for the future as business and financial circumstances change. We offer expertise for managing and sharing property within a marriage.
Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence: Our family law attorneys have long taken domestic violence seriously. We volunteer to represent indigent victims, and we support efforts to increase public awareness. Coming forth to seek counsel is not easy for anyone suffering domestic abuse, and we are committed to giving clients a voice and a platform in court.
Unmarried Couples
If you are unmarried and have a child with your partner, you have the same rights as a married spouse. It is important to know your rights in such cases, and we can offer expertise to both members of an unmarried couple.
Partnership Agreements
As marriage laws change in North Carolina, our family law team can help clients understand their rights and create agreements that suit the expanding definition of marriage and the desires of couples who wish to remain unmarried.
Name Change
Whatever the reason for a name change, we can help clients through the legal paperwork in a timely and efficient manner.
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