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Our senior founding partner is approved by the NC Real Estate Commission to teach other lawyers and realtors. Working in today’s real estate market is challenging. Conrad Trosch & Kemmy has been a leader for over 40 years in serving the local real estate industry, and we are dedicated to continuing that role. 
Due diligence before closing is the most crucial aspect of a commercial real estate transaction. With large sums of money and significant liabilities at stake, clients should insist that due diligence and all aspects of closing be handled expertly from the outset. Our real estate lawyers in Charlotte have years of experience successfully representing commercial real estate cases throughout the Charlotte area.
North Carolina provides for a variety of rights and responsibilities for both the landlord and tenant. Whether you are a landlord dealing with a difficult tenant or a tenant facing eviction, we can provide the guidance you need to protect your interests. Don’t attempt the process alone. We can help.
Dividing real property into separate portions, partitions are often complex. If all parties will not cooperate, emotions between family members or business partners will inevitably run high. We take into account our clients’ strong feelings while offering common-sense expertise in these cases.
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